About Us

BizCrawl.Com is an internet based company. We are working to reduce the gap between customers and their businesses. In the current situation, every business understands the value of internet and digital platform. It is very hard to find businesses which either don’t implement digital technology as their means and methods to reach their targeted customers or they panic to get correct solutions for their businesses. But, it is very well understood that in all the business areas technology is a must if you have to sustain in the market.

BizCrawl.Com is the idea where we try to connect you with your customers. We believe in competitions and have started in the way where every customer who reaches you will have options to deal with. They will be ultimately treated as “Kings”. We have implemented platforms based on:

  • Business:
  • We call it as companies. Every company has its own set of rules, regulations, strategies etc. We try to reach and get data which is publicly available (strictly no confidential data) which is mentioned somewhere in company’s interest. It can be your public data which you have provided to grow your business in any means or you have input the data in our platform by submission of forms. Upon authorised request we do not hesitate and there will be no question/answer to delete/erase your complete data from our platform. We respect your will of handling your property.

  • User:
  • We refer to a “user” as whoever comes to visit the site and gets information of the company and its related outlines like email, phone, map etc. We drive ourselves to reach the customers will of searching their needs. Here, our means to reach the customer is via digital methods. It may be meeting and finding solutions as well. User may give their data like email, phone number to our platform. Upon authorised request, we do not hesitate to delete/erase user’s complete data from our platform.


We are dealing with a major range of digital marketing. We do not strive to get business without a reason which is to accomplish the actual need of the customer.

With the help of research, we have found that customer values are always important and we strive to achieve it through our companies data and information. Some of the major services we deals are:

  1. Enquiry Contract
  2. We generate enquiries and provide you with companies to handle it. We are open to enquiry based revenue or profit based contract. It consists of terms and conditions on both sides.

  3. IT Support Office
  4. Lots of companies are finding difficulty to hire experts, services for their IT requirements even though they want it desperately. We promise to cut IT expenses to less than 50% compared to the current market. It does not mean that we compromise to meet expectations of your business growth through digital methods.

  5. Platform Based Advertising
  6. We accept advertising in the platform...